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A Letter to Vicksburg

A blip in the blog posts happened last week when lightning struck my house and destroyed the modem so no Internet. All fixed now, so here is another letter, dated June 6, 1863 from Elizabeth McGee McCartney.

My deare and ever remembered Husband

I am wrighting to you and hope this letter will I aim finely on the City of Vicksburg and I hope when you git this all the rebels in vickburg will be prisner of war

Mrs Pead is ded she died last night with the arcyhtus and her daughter has bin a bout to die but is better. James Wagner is ded and Mrs Chalas has got a boy and I would not be a bit suprised if they have a set up with Chalas for while I went to the post office this morning and it was closed he had to stay at home to look at his boy I went to market this morning and heard that Grant had blown up Vicksburg

Well I have had a short nap and feal some better for it. I did not sleep well last night for Marcus had the colic and kept crying so I could not sleep Jane is over at Mrs Lucins helping to paper there house so me and the little ones are alone and I have nothing to do only look at your likeness and wright to you so I am at it but I had mutch rather talk to you than wright you but as I am denied the privlige of talking to you I am bound to wright to you all thoe you do not git my letters but perhaps you will git them some time in the future but I think some of them will be all most old a nuf to speak for them selves by the time you git them

My garden looks tolerable well what there is of it but it is neading work vary bad but I think I will be able to work in it next week I will have to have some one plow the corn then I can how it my self do you think we will have money this fall to git out of det or not did Mose ever pay that money that he borrowed from you

We are all well but Janey fell out of the dore hur foot hung between the dore and step and turned her foot so she has not walked a step sence she got hurt yesterday morning well this is all that I can wright at this time for it is supper time Good Bye

Your loving wife


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